Tuesday, February 8 1757

In the morning my brother Moses came over and breakfasted with us. I gave him in cash 7.7.6… for Mr John Smith of Hempstead. This day paid Mr Thomas Smith, carrier of Eastbourne, £2 in order for him to pay Mr Will Ashmore in full for 10 gallons of spirits I had last week. He accordingly gave me a receipt for the same on Ashmore’s bill. Dame Prall a-washing for us all day… Thomas Tester brought me the copy of a process which he had served on him by Thornton for Savage’s debt, also a summons from George Courthope Esq to appear before him either on Wednesday or Thursday next to show cause for not relieving him. In the evening gave the poor creature 6d. At home all day. Nothing to do. Mr Francis Elless drank tea with us. Mr French being at our house in the evening, he appointed me to go to Uckfield with Thomas Tester tomorrow…

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