Tuesday, January 25 1757

After breakfast Mr Jeremiah French came into our house, and we agreed to go and talk with Elizabeth Day and Thomas Lewer, which we set off in order to do. But as we were going alone, we heard that Elizabeth Day was not in the way, upon which Mr French asked me to go into Jones’s, which we accordingly did and spent 2d apiece. Just as we were coming out, we saw Dame Dan and her daughter Day pass by, whom we called into Jones’s and talked to. [We] informed her of our intentions to remove her if she does not go out of our parish before Tuesday next. We then went to Thomas Lewer’s, but he was not at home; so we left word of our intentions with his wife. We came back again to Jones’s (for it is, I think, impossible to get Mr French by a sign post). We had not sat long before we saw John Jones the overseer of Waldron ride by, whom we called to and talked with about Elizabeth Day. He says their parish no ways desires her to intrude on our parish, but had much rather she would come home. So it’s plain the fault of her living here is her own. We spent 12d on the parish account… When I came home again, I dined on some sausages and hog’s puddings. In the evening marked up 4 dozen hoses.

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