Monday, February 14 1757

At home all day. Joseph Fuller Jr and Mr French cut out our hog and weighed it. Mr Elless’s half weighed 8 stone 5 lbs and mine 8 stone 7 lbs. I paid Mr Jeremiah French in cash 3.11.3 for the above half hog and the hog received the 8th of January of him. Master Watford being a-hedging about ¾ of a day etc. for me, he dined with us on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. Gave Dame Trill 2/- on the parish account… This day agreed with Dame Trill to allow her husband 6/- every calendar month and also to allow her 12d in every calendar month more towards the keeping of Ann Braizer. In the evening read part of Homer’s Odyssey. In the morning walked up to John Vine Jr’s with some bonnets for his wife.

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