Monday, February 21 1757

After breakfast my brother came over for me to go to Framfield, and accordingly I walked over with him to Framfield where I found my uncle Ed Bennett. He was come to receive the principal interest of a bond due from my mother to Charles Tanner. She paid him as under and accordingly took in the bond:

½of a moidore0.6.9
half pence0.0.3

The above mentioned sum of 37.7.6 is in full both for the principal and the interest of the bond viz.,

The present principal35.0.0
To interest due today2.7.6

I dined at my mother’s on a piece of boiled beef, butter pond pudding and greens… I came riding home after dinner. In the afternoon went to Mr John Vine’s, where I stayed some time in company with Mr Martin, in partnership with Mr Tapsfield. I came home and called on John Watford, and we went in the evening to Laughton in order to take up George Hyland again. When we came to his house, we thought we perceived a light and also heard somebody talk. We then went to the man whom we thought had been the headborough of that hundred, but he not being headborough we were disappointed. It being somewhat late, we came home, where I found Thomas Davy, who stayed about an hour.

I wrote my London letters. This day spent 2d on the parish account. On looking over the account I settled today for my mother I found I had made a mistake of 9/1O as under:

To the interest of £4O at 4 percent from the 21 Nov., 1755 to the 12 July, 17561.0.6
To the interest of £35 at 4 percent from the 12 July, 1756 to this day0.17.2
To the principal35.0.0

which is just 9/10 less than she paid.

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