Saturday, March 19 1757

At home all day. In the morning my father Slater and I balanced accounts and there remains due to him 3/7 on the account preceding this day. My father stayed and dined with us on 2 bullocks’ heart puddings, a piece of pork and turnips, but went away immediately so soon as we had dined. This day went down to Mr Porter’s to acquaint them I had got the raisins they gave me orders to get and also to inform them of the price. Mrs Porter, good woman, was so humane as to tell me she thought I ought in reason not to charge any profit for them, not, as she said, that it was her desire I should lose the carriage, but only my profit, which undoubtedly must be a very modest request at a time when money is so scarce and those raisins amounting to only 3.1.0, and which I am assured I shall be paid for in about 10 months (though I must pay in 6 months). But all her humane dispositions and fallacious speech could not influence my obdurate heart to part with the raisins for less than the price I first asked, which was about 6.10.0 percent per annum [profit?].

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