Sunday, March 6 1757

In the morning my whole family at church… We dined on a piece of bacon boiled, light pudding, parsnips and potatoes. My whole family at church this afternoon… After churchtime I paid the poor as under:

To Widow Pilfold0.6.0
To Dame Trill0.6.0
To Ed Babcock0.4.0
To Ann Wood0.4.0
To John Streeter etc. for house rent etc. for Widow Pilfold0.3.0
Gave him more0.1.0
Paid Dame Trill as by agreement0.1.0

In the evening read two of Tillotson’s sermons. Not out anywhere today except at church, nor any person to interrupt my spending the day with pleasure. A remarkable cold, frosty day and some snow fell.

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