Thursday, March 3 1757

In the morning went down to Whyly for Mr French’s account on the parish; breakfasted there. This day began to make the poor book. We dined on a leg of mutton boiled, a piece of pork, apple pudding, turnips and parsnips. My brother came over in the afternoon, but did not stay. In the evening went down to Whyly on account of a mistake Mr French had made in his account. I stayed there till about 8:20. This day received a certificate from Mr French, which was brought or sent him from Laughton, granted by the said pariah to Thomas Lewer and Sarah his wife and John his son, signed the 4th of May, 1754; by James Shoesmith, Robert Burfield, Robert Turner and Edmund Roffey, and allowed the 4th June by Luke Spence and John Bridger Esq and attested by E. Verral and George Willmot.

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