Thursday, March 31 1757

In the morning, Sarah and Mary Vinal breakfasted with us, and after breakfast the man and Sarah were married (I being the father to give her away) in the presence of a great many people. Mr French and myself signed the register book. After staying at Jones’s some time, Mr French, Mr John Vine Jr and Thomas Fuller came home with me and dined at our house off a piece of beef boiled, a piece of pork, a currant pond butter pudding and turnips. After dinner we went to Lewes with the man, for him to swear his parish. Mr John Vine Jr, John Watford, Thomas Fuller and Thomas Davy walked along with the man and I rode upon Mr Vine’s mare. We went to Luke Spence Esq, before whom he swore himself of the parish of Thatcham in the county of Berks. I accordingly took out an order to remove him and Sarah his wife to the said parish, Mr Spence sent to Lewes for Mr Fagg, who came and signed the said order, (while the order was a-making out, I rode up town, sending the foot people home). I called at Mr Spence’s as I came back and took the said order and examination. I came home to Jones’s about 6:45, where I stayed till about 12 o’clock. I paid and spent on the parish account today as under:

To Mr Porter’s fees0.10.6
Do. the clerk’s0.2.6
To Mr Spence and Fagg0.5.0

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