Wednesday, March 16 1757

In the morning hired of John Jones his house (now in the occupation of Will Bristow). I agreed for the rent at 10/- per year and have hired it for John Durrant on the parish account. After breakfast I set out for Burwash on Thomas Daw’s mare in order to inquire after a blacksmith’s shop for him and which the pariah had been informed there was one to let. But when I came to Burwash, I found the mistake, there being none to let. I put up at Mr Foster’s at the sign of the Rose and Crown. I spent 2/2 on the parish account. I came home about 5:25.

After I came back, I dined on some bullock’s heart fried. My brother Moses came over today and he stayed and dined with my family on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a sheep’s heart pudding. Mr Vine came in the evening and stayed about 2 hours and by so doing prevented my going to bed sober… I found the roads extremely bad, at some places almost impassable, I heard at Burwash today that Admiral Byng was shot at Portsmouth on Monday last, pursuant to the sentence of the court-martial held on him from the 27th December to the 27th January, though in my own private opinion I think him not that guilty person as many represent him, neither do I think it a prudent thing for him to be executed; but I suppose there was no calming a clamorous and enraged populace without taking away the life of this man, though if he is an innocent person, I think innocence should more than balance popular clamor.

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