Wednesday, March 2 1757

In the morning Mr John Withington and I rode over to Framfield where I breakfasted at my mother’s. I paid Mr Withington by bill… 6.15.0 in full for Thomas Fuller’s account, due to Messrs Bancroft and Nixon. I and my mother both gave him an order. I stayed and dined at my mother’s on hog meat pudding… After dinner I walked up to Dr Stone’s in order to get his parish bill, but meeting him at the wheeler’s shop, I went no farther, he then assuring me I should have it tomorrow morning. I came home by Thomas Fuller’s, where I had not been long before Mr Rice, Thomas and Joseph Fuller came in, as did Master Durrant after some time. I stayed there till near 9 o’clock when we all came away together. Mr Rice stayed some time at my house. Thomas Davy sat with us in the evening.

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