Sunday, April 3 1757

My whole family at church in the morning. …We dined on a bullock’s heart pudding, a piece of pork and potatoes. No churching in the afternoon, Mr Porter setting out on his journey for London in the afternoon. In reading of one of Tillotson’s sermons I find the following passage which God give me grace to engrave on my heart and to make it the constant rule of my actions: “Let us be strick and constant in our piety and Devotion towards God; chaste and temperate in reference to ourselves; Just and Honest, Kind and Charitable, humble and meek, Patient and peaceable towards all Men; Submissive and obedient to our Superiors, natural, civil, and Spiritual.”

This day paid the widow Pilfold0.6.0
Do. John Streeter for house rent and for Widow Pilfold0.3.0

In the evening Thomas Davy sat with us a while, to whom, and in the day, I read 5 of Tillotson’s sermons.

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