Thursday, April 7 1757

In the morning went down to Master Bridgman’s and received of Mr Thomas Swain 7.1.9 in full for poor tax. In the afternoon went down to Mrs Porter’s and carried her the receipt I took yesterday and received of her in cash 5.10.3 in full for poor tax… Received of Mr John Vine 7.10.5 In full for poor tax… Balanced accounts with Edmund Elphick as under:

Elphick Dr.
To a book debt3.2.10
To poor tax0.17.6
Per contra Cr.
To mending and making for Lucy Braizer0.1.4
To faggots and chucks for Trill0.6.6
Horse hire0.16.0
To keeping Lucy Brazier 51 weeks3.16.6

But Elphick’s bill being cast but 4.0.4 I paid him no money; so there remains due to him 20/-. In the evening my brother came over to work for James Marchant tomorrow; so that he lay at our house…

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