Tuesday, April 19 1757

Sent Messrs Margesson and Collison in cash by Mr Thomas Smith in a box £21. Gave Charles Jeffries, Smith’s carter, in cash 0.14.0. In the forenoon went up to Thomas Fowler’s for poor tax, but received none… Carried the new warrant to Mr Joseph Burgess, who received it without any objection. Rec’d of Thomas Fowler 2/7½ in full on a book debt. In the evening Mr Elless, Thomas Durrant and myself went down to Laughton, I to ask John Hugget for some money, and they for company, where I spent 4d. When I came back, I found my father Slater at my house, who supped with us and stayed all night. In the afternoon sent my maid to Mrs Read’s to get her debt, who accordingly paid her 2.11.7¾ in full.

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