Wednesday, April 13 1757

In the morning Thomas Durrant and I took a walk round to gather poor tax. We called at Thomas Fowler’s, who was not at home, at Sinden’s, John Cayley’s, Thomas Roase’s, Peter Adams’s, Will Eldridge’s and Mr James Hutson’s and William Wenham’s, of whom I received 1.8.0 in full for poor tax. I came home and dined on some sheep’s liver and rashers of pork fried. Paid John Jones 1.7.7 in full. Paid Jo Fuller by his son Thomas 6d for a sheep’s bell received today. In the afternoon walked down to the Nursery. Called at Francis Turner’s and John Browne’s and stayed at John Browne’s about 2 hours. Came home and went down to Mrs Atkins’s and received of her 1.15.0 in full for poor tax. Today read part of the Universal Magazine for February.

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