Friday, June 24 1757

After breakfast the boys and myself walked over to Framfield, it being the Fair day at Framfield. I dined at my mother’s in company with their family and Mr Stout the officer of excise at Uckfield on a leg of lamb roasted, green salad and gooseberry pie. After dinner Mr Stout and I smoked 2 pipes of tobacco at my mother’s.

Stayed and drank tea at my mother’s and came home about 9:40, leaving the 2 boys at Framfield. Spent at the fair 6d. I also saw there the largest hog I think that I ever saw. His height was about 4 feet. He was 9 feet 4 inches from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. His ears were 12 inches by 9. He was about 3½ years old. In my absence my wife received of Mr Richard Stone and Mr Joseph Fuller 5.10.6 in full for the funeral of Master Goldsmith. My wife and maid today dined on some bread and cheese…

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