Saturday, September 17 1757

After breakfast my brother went home. Gave John Streeter in cash 1.1.0, which he paid Mr John Madgwick for me; viz., for 13¼ yds bedtick 19d, 1.0.11¾, which tick and receipt I received by him. Paid Joseph Fuller 7½d for 1 breast of mutton received today. We dined on the breast of mutton boiled and then broiled and a plain suet pudding.

At home all day and indifferently busy. I am come to a resolution, as I am so continually almost troubled with the inflammation in my eyes, to leave off during life (unless anything very material should intervene) eating any sort of meat, unless sometimes a bit of boiled lamb, mutton, or veal, or chick, or any such harmless diet; as also to refrain from all sorts of strong liquor; and to continue not eating any supper, from eating of which I have debarred myself for, the general part this 12 months.

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