Sunday, October 23 1757

In the morning John Durrant gave my colt a drink, for which, and for the drink he gave him on Friday, I paid 3/- and in full of all demands.

My whole family at church in the morning… This being the second time of the asking between Richard Parkes and Mary Vinal, it was publicly forbid, and Mr Porter ordered the woman to come to him after churchtime to show him just cause for her so-doing. After we came out of church Mr Porter sent for me to come in to hear what the woman had to say, and I accordingly went into Mr Porter’s. The poor girl, whose name was Anne Stevenson, declared that about 3 years ago she had a child by him, and that he had many times promised her marriage, which she was ready to make oath of at any time (if ever she should be called upon to it), and that he had kept her company so lately as Michaelmas last, and farther that she would be glad to be married to him at any time. Upon this Mr Porter assured her he would postpone asking them any more till such time as he had satisfied and agreed with her.

We dined on a piece of boiled beef, plain rice pudding, apple pudding and turnips. My whole family at church in the afternoon… Thomas Davy at our house in the evening, to whom, and in the day, I read 6 of Tillotson’s sermons. Rec’d of John Streeter in cash 1.17.6, which I am to send to Mr James Burfield of Steyning, and which is in full for one year’s rent due from John Streeter to Mr Burfield at Lady Day last.

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