Tuesday, Ocotber 11 1757

About 6 o’clock my brother and I set out for Battle Market where we arrived about 10:10…I went in order to see Mr Breeden, but he was not at the market. I bought of Mr John Hammond 50 lbs of powder, which cost me 3.10.0. We dined at the Bull’s Head on rump of beef boiled, a loin of veal roasted, a roast goose and a currant pudding and an apple-pie… We came home very sober about 7:10. My brother stayed all night.

I think Battle to be a pleasant situated town, and there seems to be a considerable market for stock, etc. on the 2nd Tuesday in every month. The abbey, which belongs to the family of the Websters (and which was built just after the conquest in memory of that battle fought near that place between the Conqueror and Harold the then King of England, in which the latter, his 2 brothers, most of the English nobility and 97974 common men were slain), is the remains of a fine Gothic structure. There is also a deanery and a low-built church. There is also in the town a free school.

We spent as under:

By being decoyed in, by an acquaintance, to an ordinary, it cost for dinner only and about 2 glasses of wine0.3.0
Our horses and ostler0.0.11
the half of which for my share is 0.2.0½

Paid for stuffing my saddle 6d….

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