Wednesday, October 5 1757

After breakfast Joseph Fuller called me in order to go to the sale at Bentley, and we accordingly went. As we went by Peckham’s at Terrible Down, there we met with Mr French and Mr Sam Gibbs, both as seeming happy as could be over a dram of gin. We stayed there and spent 4½d, though I drank nothing but a little mild beer. We then went to the sale where I bought a brass candlestick which cost me 8d.

We came home by Peckham’s, where we stayed and spent 1½d in company with Mr James Shoesmith. I came home and dined on the remains of what my family left; viz., some boiled plaice. Dame Dallaway, buying many things, went in and drank tea with us. In the evening read part of the 5th volume of Medical Essays and Observations, published at Edinburgh by a society of physicians.

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