Friday, October 28 1757

In the morning Thomas Prall and I went down to Osborne’s and took their servant and carried her to Uckfield when she swore herself upon our parish, but could not be persuaded to swear her great belly. I took out a summons for Anne Jeffrey. I came home about 3 o’clock. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a light pudding and some fried herrings. Rec’d of Will Henly 4/6 in full. Paid Mr Samuel Beckett in cash 5.14.0; viz.,

To cash paid to William Ashmore in full0.14.0
To money on the last quarter’s carriage acc’t5.0.0

My brother came over in the afternoon to borrow the mare. He stayed and drank tea with us. I received of him in cash 3.1.4, which, with the cash I received the 10th and 12th instant from my mother by him, makes the sum of 9.13.4. I have paid on her account as under:

To Crowley4.6.4
To a bill of spice etc.3.15.0

…My wife very ill all day.

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