Wednesday, December 21 1757

We dined on the remains of Sunday, Monday and yesterday’s dinners with the addition of a light pudding and some turnips. This being St Thomas’s day, I relieved the following poor with one penny each and a draught of beer:

1Richard Braizer9Will Henly
2John Dan10John Durrant
3Will Eldridge11Sam Jenner
4Elizabeth Day12Thomas Heath
5John Streeter13Richard Heath
6Dame Burrage14Ed Badcock Jr
7Richard Trill15Thomas Tester
8Francis Turner16John Elless
17James Emery25Widow Cain
18Roger Vallow26Thomas Ling
19Elizabeth Plumb27Will Slarkes
20Thomas Dallaway28Ann Wood
21Widow Cornwell29Edward Babcock
22Susan Swift30Richard Vinal
23Richard Prall31Widow Bristow
24Robert Baker32Widow Gower

At home all day. In the evening posted part of my day book and read part of Horneck’s Law of Consideration. My wife continues very lame. Very busy all day.

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