Monday, January 23 1758

Rec’d of Joseph Fuller in cash 10½d and 1 lb mutton, 3¼d, which together makes l4d and is in full to this day. Sent by John Streeter to Mr Sam Durrant in Lewes in cash £17; viz.,4 36-shilling pieces, 1 27-shilling piece, 3 guineas, 10 half-guineas and 1 shilling in order for him to send me a bill for the said sum.

We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a pound of mutton stewed and some turnips and potatoes. Balanced accounts with Mrs Virgoe, widow, and received of her 0.18.3 in full… Rec’d back by the post from Mr Sam Durrant (in lieu of the cash sent him today) one bill, value £17, on Sir Joseph Hankey and partners… My brother came over in the afternoon. He, Mrs Virgoe and Joseph Fuller Jr drank tea at our house. In the evening about 7:20 I went down to James Marchant’s, there being a concert of three violins and a German flute. I came home about 11:10. Our company was Mr Welman, Joseph Fuller, Thomas Durrant, James Marchant, Mr Elless, Thomas Daw, James Awcock, Joseph Smith, James Holden and myself.

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