Wednesday, January 18 1758

As soon as we arose, Mr Collison and I walked over to Framfield (sending his horse to Uckfield by Thomas Davy). We breakfasted at my mother’s, and after breakfast my mother paid Mr Collison in cash 15.7.6, which left due to balance £18. Mr Collison went away about 10:10. I stayed and dined at my mother’s on a roasted sparerib, apple sauce and cold butter pudding cake… I stayed and drank tea at my mother’s and came home about 5:10. My brother came home with me for some coffin letters, but did not stay, going home again directly.

My wife in my absence today received of Mr Jeremiah French the £12 I lent him the 2nd instant. But as I was not at home, he did not take up his note. My wife also in my absence paid Clymson the glover in cash 0.15.10 for the following goods received by him today:

19 pairs men’s outseamed tan0.9.6
12 pairs boys’ do.0.4.0
2 pairs cuffs 0.2.4

Thomas Davy at our house this evening, to whom I read part of Sherlock on death and the book of the prophet Joel. An extreme sharp frosty day and a very remarkable thick rime all day.

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