Friday, March 17 1758

Paid Joseph Fuller Jr the £2 for the note of hand I gave him the 15th instant, but he not having the note of hand with him, I did not take it up. Mary Heath a-washing for us all day. She dined with us on the remains of Tuesday’s supper and yesterday’s dinner. This day made up the parish accounts. Paid Mary Heath 13½d for washing. In the evening I went down to Jones’s, where we had a public vestry (notice thereof being previously given on Sunday last) in order to make a poor rate, which we accordingly did at the rate of 2/8 to the pound. The same was agreed to and attested by myself, Mr Joseph Burgess, Mr Thomas Carman, Mr William Piper, Mr Jeremiah French and Mr Joseph Fuller. We all broke up about 9:40, and all very sober. In my absence my wife received of Joseph Fuller the note of hand I gave him the 15th instant and for which I paid him the money today.

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