Monday, March 6 1758

In the morning arose about 5:30 and bought a parcel of Manchester goods and paid Mr Stephen Fletcher in cash 0.12.0, and by a bill on Messrs Margesson and Collison, payable to Mr Sam Ridings or order, dated today, 6 weeks’ date, No. 340, value £22, which makes together the sum of 22.12.0, and is in full on account of Mr Sam Ridings except the parcel bought today.

We breakfasted at the White Horse in company with Mr Fletcher and George Beard. We came home about 12:10… After dinner my brother went to Uckfield to hire 2 horses for us to ride to Seaford upon tomorrow, there being a sale of goods saved out of a vessel stranded on that coast. In the evening wrote my London letters, and about 8:20 my brother came back and brought 2 horses and stayed all night. Spent this journey 12d…

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