Monday, April 3 1758

After breakfast Mr Joseph Burgess came and desired I would accompany him to Maresfield (the sitting being there today), which I accordingly agreed to. About 11:10 we set out on foot. We just called at my mother’s, but did not stay, in order to get my brother to come over to assist my wife in my absence, which he accordingly did. We dined at the Chequer in Maresfield (at the 2nd sitting) in company with my father Slater and near or quite 30 more, on the remains of a buttock of beef boiled, a quarter of lamb roasted, a loin of veal and calf’s head…

Mr Burgess verified his book and got his summons, and we came away about 4:10 (he paying my expenses). We came home in company with Mr Pentecost and William Durrant of Chiddingly. We called at my mother’s, where I stayed and drank tea in company with Mr George Beard. We came home about 6:10 and my brother went away immediately.

In the evening went down to Jones’s, where there was a public meeting. We came home about 11:05, and very sober. Our company was Mr Coates, Thomas and Joseph Fuller, Mr French, Mr Joseph Burgess, John Watford, John Vine, Robert Hook, Will Piper, Thomas Carman, Richard Page, myself and Joseph Durrant. Our parish affairs in my opinion seem to move on in a better manner than formerly, there being now unanimity in almost all the vestries we have, when heretofore it was all noise and discord.

Rec’d today of my mother…15.12.6 in full…for 6 dozen hard soap, 1.6.0…to Messrs Crowley & Co. for a parcel of nails, 7.1.11… Rec’d of Mr Joseph Burgess in cash 22.4.4 in full; viz.,

Mr Burgess Dr.
To my bill on the parish account11.2.9
To. do. as being churchwarden7.10.10½
To my bill for money lent and paid for him to this day4.12.0½
Per Contra Cr.
To my poor tax for the year 17571.1.4

After I had received the above, I paid Mr Burgess 2/- for money which he had expended and I had charged in my bill of goods on the parish.

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