Saturday, May 6 1758

…About 9:20 Thomas Fuller and I set out for Lewes where we got of Mr Rideout a summons for John Browne to swear his parish once more, and also examined the register of the spiritual court for the administration of Thomas Sicklemore, the father of the wife of Will Slarkes, in order to see if we could recover anything for her of her share in the movables, but found there was no probability of recovering anything by reason the person who divided the same and who also took her share (she being an infant at her father’s decease) was in very necessitous circumstances.

We dined at Will Rice’s in company [with] several more on a piece of cold roast beef, a cold ham, cold tongue, a cold baked suet pudding and gooseberry tart (my family at home dining on a piece of boiled veal). Borrowed today of Mr Thomas Fuller in cash 1.16.0, also of George Richardson in cash 0.17.6. Paid Mr Faulkner Bristow 2.2.0 in full. Paid Messrs Richards and Comber 0.8.2 in full. Came home about 8:20 in company with Joseph and Thomas Fuller and Master Bridgman, and very sober. Spent for going on parish business–Master Fuller paid all that was spent.

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