[Wednesday], August 23 1758

[The following excerpts from vol. 40 of the diary are taken from the Sussex Archaeological Collections, XI, 199-200.]

About four p.m. I walked down to Halland with several more of my neighbors, in order for a rejoicing for the taking of Cape Breton etc., where there was a bonfire of six hundred of faggots, the cannon fired and two barrels of beer given to the populace, and a very good supper provided for the principal tradesmen of this and the neighboring parishes, as there had been a dinner for the gentlemen of Lewes and the neighboring parishes.

After supper we drank a great many loyal healths, and I came home in a manner quite sober. There [were] I believe near one hundred people entertained at Halland this day, besides the populace, and so far as I see everything was carried on with decency and regularity; though I must think the most proper way of rejoicing is by having a general thanksgiving, that the whole nation may give thanks to Him that gives success to our armies, both by sea and land; and I think to show our outward joy it might be more properly done by distributing something to the poor.

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