Friday, December 29 1758

About 10:20 I went down to Whyly, from whence Mr French and I set out for Buxted Place, he being a-going to gather some quit-rent of Mr Medley… After Mr French had done his business with Mr Medley, we were prodigious civilly entertained with some bread and cheese, wine and beer etc… We also were were showed the house all over, which undoubtedly is a very fine place, being built in the modern taste, though as yet it is not completely finished. We then went to Uckfield where I called on Thomas Osborne for some money, but could get none. Then we went to Mr Miller’s, where Mr French had more quit-rent to gather and stayed and smoked a pipe.

We came back to my mother’s and stayed but a very little time there. My cousin Moses Bennett being at my mothers, he came home along with me. We came home about 5:20. We called in at Mr French’s, but did not stay, though I must say, not sober. Oh, what a trouble is it to me that my head is so weak, for the liquor I have drunk today I am sure has been but little, and I tried as much as possible to avoid drinking that little I did drink! It even makes me almost despair to think that I am well assured I have no value for liquor, neither am I fond of drinking, and yet when I am in company, I must always appear singular or else this misfortune happens to me.

Mrs Virgoe and her two children drank tea at our house. This evening a meteor was seen by several people in the neighborhood, which appeared like a ball of fire that was falling from the clouds to the earth and seemed as if it fell about Waldron, leaving a train of sparks behind it as it descended. Its bigness was at last about the size of a large bell, though at first almost like a moon, and extremely light. I imagine fear and surprise has exaggerated many of the above circumstances.

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