Friday, January 26 1759

In the forenoon walked down to Whyly, but did not stay. We dined on the remains of last night’s supper. Molly, Bett and Nancy Fuller, Frances Weller, Molly and Sam French and Lucy Durrant drank tea at our house, and they, together with James and Joseph Fuller and John French, supped at our house on the remains of last night’s supper.

We played at brag in the evening; my wife and I won 19½d. They stayed till 1:30 and went away, all sober and in good order. And what is very remarkable, there was not that I could observe any oath sworn all the evening. Huzza! the keeping Christmas I hope is now over, and I think I was never more overjoyed, for besides the expenses attending it there is something in it that is quite foreign to my taste or inclinations, I rather choosing a recluse and steady way of living that may allow time for reason to exercise her proper faculties and to breathe as it were into the mind of man a serene and pleasing happiness, which in my opinion never can be enjoyed when it is so often disjointed and confused by such tumultuous, or at least merry, meetings.

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