Sunday, April 1 1759

About 6:20 my brotber Moses sent a man to acquaint me with the melancholy news of my mother’s death, which happened this morning about 2:30. A melancholy theme to say anything upon. Now, what can we do under such misfortunes but to submit to the will of Almighty God, and from such instances of the mortality of our nature learn to supplicate the Father of mercies to give us grace that we may meet death at any time (when he shall think proper to call) without fear, by being prepared by a virtuous and pious life, through the mercies and merits of our blessed Savior.

I walked over with the messenger and breakfasted with my brother and sister and also dined there in company with my brother Dicky. In the afternoon Thomas Durrant brought my wife over on Mr Thornton’s horse. We stayed at Framfield and drank tea and came home about 7:30. Today in my absence my brother William came to see me and dined with my wife on a sheep’s head and bell boiled, a piece of bacon, potatoes and parsnips. Thomas Durrant and James Merchant sat a while with us in the evening. A fine spring day as can be for the season of the year. In the evening read part of Steele’s Christian Hero.

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