Sunday, April 15 (Easter Day) 1759

Myself, wife and servant at church in the morning; the text in part of the 34th verse of the 24th chapter of St Luke’s Gospel: “The Lord is risen indeed.” Myself, wife and servant stayed the communion; my wife and I gave 6d each. While we were at church my brother Will came to see us, who dined with us on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. My wife and servant only at church in the afternoon (my brother not choosing to go)… My brother stayed and drank tea with us, as did also Thomas Davy. About 6:10 my brother went away, Thomas Davy and I going to bring him on the road as far as Bentley where I went to carry the black cloth for the funeral of Mrs Jones tomorrow, we came back about 6:10. Thomas Davy supped with us, to whom, and in the day, I read 3 of Tillotson’s sermons.

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