Thursday, April 12 1759

…About 10:50 I set out for Lewes on a horse I borrowed of Mr French… Paid Mr James Lambert in cash 15d for a fan bought of him today, but it not being mounted, I could not have it today. Paid Mr Madgwick 5d for 1 dozen buttons bought of him for my brother… [Gave] to Turner’s boy for bringing up the horse 0.0.2… [We] came home about 4:20 without dining anywhere… Mrs Vine the younger and Sarah Stevens drank tea at our house. In the evening Mr Joseph Burgess at our house when I wrote out his bill on the parish as his being churchwarden, which amounted to 5.8.0. I also received of him in cash 1.9.0 in full; viz.,

To bread and wine for the communion four times    1.6.8
To ¾ hundred tiles0.1.8
To parchment for to extract the register upon0.0.8

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