Wednesday, April 18 1759

In the forenoon posted my day book and wrote out several bills. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. In the morning Charles Diggens came over to take up a coat for Mr Stone. He breakfasted with us. Mrs Fuller and her daughter Bett and Mrs Browne and Molly Hutson drank tea at our house. About 5:20 I walked up to the audit at Mr Vine’s. I gave him the following bills, all of which had a receipt upon then, but I received no money by reason he promised to send me it tomorrow.

To the audit bill1.13.1
To a bill of nails0.1.3
To 2 gallons brandy 0.13.0

Came home about 6:20, Thomas Durrant and Mr Thornton at our house in the evening. Mr Thornton and I played at cribbage; I lost 1d. Very busy all day.

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