Myself and wife at church in the morning… We dined on a leg of lamb boiled, a piece of bacon, a gooseberry pudding and some greens. My wife, self and servant at church in the afternoon… In the afternoon my brother Moses came over and stayed and drank coffee with us and then went home. In the evening and the day read two of Tillotson’s sermons and part of the 2nd volume of Hervey’s Meditations. Oh, what a most delightful time it is–the birds tuning their melodious throats and hymning their creator’s praise while perhaps man, ah! frail and degenerate man lies supinely stretched on a bed of luxury and ease, or else so immersed in the vain and empty pleasures of this world that he is utterly forgetful of the goodness of the Supreme Being that showers down his blessings upon him, and sheds plenteousness around his table. Also every tree and shrub bespeaks the wisdom and goodness of an all-wise creator.

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