Sunday, September 30 1759

My wife only at church in the forenoon, except my brother William, who came to see me just before churchtime and went to church along with my wife. Mr Elless breakfasted with me, and he not choosing to go to church, I was obliged to stay at home with him. My brother and Mr Ellesse dined with us on a piece of beef boiled, an apple pudding, a bread pudding, potatoes, turnips and some boiled plaice. My wife, brother and servant at church in the afternoon, myself being obliged to stay at home to accompany Mr Elless, who went away in churchtime. My brother stayed and drank tea with us, and then went away home.

In the evening my brother Moses came over for my horse in order to go to Lewes upon tomorrow to meet Mr Stephen Fletcher, Mr Sam Ridings’s servant. I gave my brother one bill on Mr William Margesson, payable to Mr Sam Ridings or order…value 4.6.11, which…will be in full on my account to Mr Sam Hidings to the 11th day of last month (August). My brother did not stay, but went away immediately. In the evening read one of Tillotson’s sermons to Mr Thornton. Delivered a bill of Mr Duney’s of Hastings (for pails) to Mr John Vine Jr amounting to 3.4.8.

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