Tuesday, October 23 1759

…My wife and I had an invitation to Halland to drink tea and sup there with a great many more, there being a rejoicing on account of the taking of Quebec (but as my wife was very ill neither of us went). In the evening there was a bonfire of 9 hundred of faggots and there was about a hogshead of beer given to the populace, and several discharge of cannon. In the day down at Halland twice.

Thomas Davy spent the evening with me. I think this is not proper rejoicing on so great a victory, for this is only occasioning of people to get drunk and run themselves farther into sin and in reality of no service to any individual, whereas I think as God giveth the victory to Him should thanks and praises be returned, and at the same time let our outward joy be expressed by giving to the laborious and industrious poor what is too often consumed in vanity and luxurious folly and I doubt too often to the increase of vice and irreligion. I only mention this as my opinion (for I would leave every man to judge for himself) nor would I willingly condemn or blame any one for dissenting from me in any point.

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