Friday, June 27 1760

…In the forenoon rode over to Framfield, and, my brother wanting to go to Lewes, I lent him my horse and came home on foot. I borrowed of my brother in cash £20, but gave him no note for it. We dined on a beef pudding and greens boiled and a piece of mutton roasted. Paid Ben Shelley in cash 3.10.0, which with the £30 I gave him the 24th makes together the sum of 33.10.0 and is in full for the same sum he paid for me in London this week…

Dame Lewer and Dame Chipper drank tea at our house. Lent John Browne in cash £20, for which he gave me his note of hand payable to me or order on demand, with interest for the same after the rate of four pounds percent per annum. Thank God pretty busy today. My brother called as he came back from Lewes and left my horse and supped with us. Made part of the land tax books. Mr Long sat with us some time in the evening.

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