Monday, September 29 1760

…My wife, standing sponsor for a boy of John Browne’s who was baptized today, dined there. Myself and servant dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with a green salad… Charles Diggens coming over to take up a coat for Mr Coates, stayed and smoked a pipe or two with me, and about 8:10 we both went to the christening house, where we stayed till near 12 o’clock, in company with Mr Burgess, John Watford and Francis Gibbs. My wife and I came home about 12:30 and pretty near sober, but something the worse for drinking.

My wife gave the nurse 16d and the maid 12d. In the evening as we went to Mr Browne’s we had several very severe flashes of lightning and a very loud stroke or two of thunder and it continued to rain by showers I believe the whole night and the wind extremely high. Very busy all day.

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