Tuesday, October 7 1760

In the forenoon my brother came over… My uncle and cousin Charles Hill came to see me; also I received of my uncle one bill on Mr Henry Swainstone… value 27.15.0, which is in part of a note of hand of £30 due to my brother William and which my brother Moses and I laid down for John Browne till such time as my uncle could pay it in. My uncle did not stay, but my cousin stayed and dined with us on the remains of Sunday’s dinner.

Dame Durrant and Mrs Virgoe drank tea with my wife, who is extremely ill. In the evening there was a rejoicing at Halland and a bonfire for our armies under the command of General Amherst having taken Montreal and all Canada from the French. All the neighbors were regaled with a supper, wine punch and strong beer. Today sent Thomas Durrant to Brighthelmstone for Dr Poole, who came to my wife in the evening, who is prodigious ill. At home all day and thank God pretty busy.

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