Saturday, December 13 1760

In the morning my brother came over and brought home my horse. He breakfasted with me and stayed and dined with me on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. Paid Benjamin Shelley in cash 9/- in full for the same sum he paid Mr Charles Browne this week in full on my account… Rec’d of Thomas Diplock in cash 30.12.4 for which sum I am to send a bill of the same value to Mr Matthew Blake in Hickman’s Folly near Dock Head in Southwark, which is his landlord and which bill with the following receipts I received of Master Diplock makes the sum of £37 and is in full for one year’s rent due from Master Diplock to Mr Blake at Lady Day last. The receipts received were as under:

To a receipt for a year’s land tax due Lady Day, 17605.8.0
To a receipt for 1 year’s quit rent due St Michael, 1760    0.12.8
To a bill of Mr John Farley’s0.7.0
To the bill I am to send30.12.4

…At home all day. My wife, poor creature, very ill.

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