Saturday, March 21 1761

…Paid Joseph Fuller Jr 2/3 in full for a fillet of veal and some beef suet received by him today weighing 6¼ lbs. Paid Thomas Freeman 2/6 in full for 6 pairs women’s clogs bought of him today. At home all day and pretty busy. My wife, poor creature, quite ill. In the evening read part of Yorick’s Sermons. This day sent Mr Day the wheelwright in the street of South Malling, near Lewes, the parish bill of South Malling, amounting to 1.6.4 (by Mr John Long) with a receipt on the said bill for the same, but Mr Day did not pay him, but promised to call on me and pay me the same very soon. Rec’d of Master Hesman per his daughter 2/- in full.

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