Monday, March 30 1761

In the forenoon my brother Sam Slater came to see us and brought us a present of a sparerib and some sausages and hog’s puddings, and he, together with Mary Heath who was a-washing for us all day, dined with us on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. My brother went away about 3:30. Molly Fuller spent part of the afternoon with us. At home all day; Mary Heath lodged at our house all night. My wife rather better today.

This day died John Browne after a few days’ illness (nay, rather after a few hours’ illness), aged 30 years. Oh, what scene, or rather lesson of mortality is here! How should instances of this kind awaken the remaining part of mankind to prepare for that awful moment which we all know must come sooner or later! And from this and many other instances we may be convinced that it often happens as it were instantaneous, without any warning of the approach, and perhaps in a moment when we are not prepared for it. What poor negligent and heedless creatures too many of us are, that we can not learn from such striking instances to live in such a manner that we may not be afraid to meet death whenever it may happen (though it should be sudden)! And why should we permit the sensitive faculties so far to get the ascendant of the spiritual as not to make it our most comfortable hope that we may one day through God’s grace enjoy a life which will have no and, where we shall not be disturbed with cares and anxieties, but enjoy the blessings prepared for them who love God? How should such thoughts spur us on to the performance of all Christian duties, always remembering He is faithful that has promised us life everlasting!

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