Friday, June 6 1761

Rec’d of Edward Foord 6.18.0 in full for land and window taxes due at Lady Lay last. Rec’d of the widow Marchant 3/- in full for window tax. Rec’d of Thomas Prall 19/- in full for land and window taxes due at Lady Day last. In the forenoon delivered to Thomas Durrant the following cash in order for him to carry to Maresfield to pay the general receiver of the land tax; viz.,

6 thirty-six shilling pieces10.16.0
4 moidores5.8.0
83 guineas87.3.0
4 eighteen-shilling pieces3.12.0
2 nine-shilling pieces0.18.0
2 half do.0.9.0
9 Shillings0.9.0
25 half guineas13.17.6

I also gave him besides 8 half-guineas and 1 guinea to exchange if any of the money should be refused. The state of the account; viz.,

The Collectors Dr.
To the total amount of the land tax book for 1760153.18.0
To the total amount of the window tax book for 176032.5.9
Per contra Cr.
Jan. 9, 1761 To cash62.0.0
To salary2.6.9
To cash today as before mentioned121.17.6

…Rec’d of Thomas Durrant the 5.5.0 which I gave him over and above the land and window taxes today; also received a proper receipt for the land and window taxes due to Lady Day last. Rec’d of Mr Thornton 1 guinea’s worth of silver, for which I gave no exchange.

This day I received a letter from my wife, wherein she acquaints me she is no better. Oh, how melancholy is that news to me. I dare say it is a weakness esteemed in me by the world to be so very fond of my wife, but let them know that a virtuous wife is an inestimable treasure, and perhaps a thing somewhat rare in this degenerate age…

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