Sunday, June 7 1761

In the morning went to Hartfield to see my wife. I breakfasted with my father Slater and dined there with them upon a piece of beef boiled, a raisin suet pudding and greens. (Mr Tucker, coming to see me in my absence, dined with my servant and niece on some fried eels). Stayed and drank tea with my wife and came home about 6:40.

In the evening my brother Will called on me, very much in liquor, and I persuaded him to stay all night, which he did. In the evening Sam Jenner brought Sally Waller, who my friend John Breeden had bargained with for my servant. I found my wife, I hope, if any different, somewhat better. Spent today 2d only, for the turnpike. Oh, how infinitely happy should I in all appearance be, would it please God to restore my wife to her former health!

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