Sunday, May 17 1761

Myself and niece at church in the morning… We dined on a tench boiled, an eel boiled and broiled and the remains of yesterday’s dinner. My niece and maid at church in the afternoon. Rec’d of Mrs Browne in cash 3.1.3; that is, to pay her rent tomorrow at the audit; viz.,

To a half year’s rent due at St Michael last3.1.3
Out of which I am to keep 10/- for half a year’s land tax due at the same time0.10.0

which remaining sum is in full for the rent, including the receipt for land tax.

In the evening myself, Thomas Davy and Mr Long took a little walk, and they came back and sat with us some time, to whom and in the day I read 2 of Sharp’s sermons. Mary Heath came to wash for us tomorrow and lodged at our house.

This day was buried at our church Francis Rich, aged 45 years, who died after a few days’ illness and has left a widow and 7 children. What a moving spectacle it was (I am not able to describe it) to see an industrious and sober man, the only support of his family, followed to the grave by his widow and fatherless infants, whose stares [tears?] and lamentations as it were bespoke their inward and sincere grief. Oh, would the licentious libertine take opportunities to frequent such scenes as this, I think he would no longer follow his vicious course, but would in time become wise unto salvation.

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