Friday, June 12 1761

In the morning went down to Halland. In the forenoon walked up to Mr Vine’s and down again to Halland… Molly and Bett Fuller drank tea with us…

This day received a letter from my wife wherein she acquaints me she is no better and gives me room to think she is worse. Oh, heart-breaking thought; how does the thought of it distract my tumultuous mind! I am no more myself. How does daily experience convince me in losing her I shall lose an inestimable treasure that even surpasses all the valuable mines in Peru. For what can equal that of a virtuous and discreet wife? Poor creature, may the tender expressions of her letter I received this day be forever graven on the inmost recesses of my heart; may they ever be continually fresh in my mind, that the thinking of her virtue may continually inspire me with fresh vigor to pursue a course of holiness! May I forever imitate her bright example, that like her I may meet that King of Terrors without fear. Christian, truly Christian, is the behaviour of that amiable creature. Lovely to the utmost must she be to all that are thoroughly acquainted with her.

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