Saturday, June 27 1761

In the forenoon my brothers Moses, William and Richard came to my house, and they, together with my brother and father Slater and Dame Durrant, dined with us on a cold forequarter of lamb roasted in the oven.

Yesterday about 5:50 I buried my wife at Framfield, and with her all my hopes of worldly happiness. I am now destitute of a friend to converse with or even a sincere friend on whom I can rely for advice now I have lost the dear dear partner of my soul, with whom I could repose such confidence that I never concealed from her the most minutest circumstance of my affairs, but always found comfort in the disburdening my mind to her where it was almost even overloaded with trouble. To describe or estimate my loss is more than I can do, but still let me usurp the reins of reason and think that as everything is guided by infinite power and fondness so must it consequently be by infinite wisdom; therefore let me conclude that whatever is directed by providence is best for me and may I, oh, may I forever be benefited by this fatal blow. Alas, I have now seen part of myself seized upon by death, relentless death; therefore may I always be careful to make my calling an election sure, through the merits and intercession of my blessed savior.

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