Monday, July 27 1761

Mr Tomlin and my brother breakfasted with me, and then we all set out together, he on his road to Withyham, and my brother and I to Lewes. I paid Mr Madgwick 52/- in full for 4 pairs breeches bought of him today. I also gave him in cash £70, for l bill dated today, payable to me or order, 21 days’ date, on Mr Will Margesson. I called on Mrs Roase.

I came home so very much in liquor that I cannot tell any one thing how I came home, nor do I know if I paid my reckoning before I came away. Oh, what a poor unhappy wretch I am; I am quite distracted with trouble. Oh, how does this one piece of folly and indiscretion torment my mind. My brother went home in the evening. My brother Moses came over in the evening, but did not stay. Very bad all the evening. Oh, my heavy and troubled mind; oh, my imprudence pays me with trouble!

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