Saturday, July 11 1761

…Paid Thomas Freeman by the post boy 11/6 in full for pattens and clogs received by him today… In the afternoon rode down to Mrs Browne’s and from thence to Terrible Down. Paid William Turley in cash 10/4 in full and now I have 1 hand bill of his left. This day delivered to Mr John Gosling 14 cwt 1 qr 12 lbs of rags in order for him to sell for me.

Oh, how pensively melancholy am I this evening! What a group of melancholy ideas crowd in my tumultuous breast, tumultuous from the overflowings of grief for that dear and ever valuable creature my deceased wife… [17 words omitted], …”Good loss weighs more in grief than gained in joy.” In the evening there was a good deal of thunder, but seemingly distant, and an almost continual lightning for several hours, and but very little rain the whole time. It abated and went off about 10 o’clock.

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